What’s for breakfast?

Good morning! Or it should be….but what to feed the kids that is nutritious, healthy and easy is a source of constant searching and reading. Why not just feed them cereal you say? Why yes, I have done that often because it is fast and easy. However, finding a good choice is a bit of work as well. (For those of you die hard organic food purchasers out there, yes I could opt to feed my kids organic cereal every morning….but if it’s not on sale it’s pricey. Therefore when a low-sugar variety does happen to go on sale I stock the pantry!)

So let me share a bit of what I have learned. First, those old fashioned wheat squares that I thought were pretty healthy have BHT added as a preservative. The list of reasons it is a nasty can be found on-line. So now I can’t buy those in good conscience any more. That also eliminates all the other cereal with BHT as a preservative. We can also easily eliminate those cereals that have Red Dye #40, Retinyl Palmitate, and other bad stuff in them.

After reading “Raw Awakening”, and “The Happiness Diet”, I have decided that fresh fruit is possibly a better option, especially in the summer. Thanks to EWG’s Dirty Dozen and Clean 13 produce lists, I have discovered that there are several natural, economical, breakfast choices that offer a nice healthy option! Cantaloupe has become a staple in our home this summer, as have Bananas for breakfast. The kids found the Mango pieces too tart for their liking, so I am hoping to use them with vanilla yogurt for tropical smoothies topped with unsweetened shaved coconut. Speaking of yogurt, I can get the kids to eat Greek yogurt by adding vanilla, honey, nutmeg, and cinnamon. It’s one of their favorite ‘treats’. And the reason it’s a ‘treat’ is that they will eat almost a whole quart in one sitting for a snack, or breakfast. Even on sale, the plain can be expensive on a per meal basis (I try and feed all four of us for $10 per dinner, which is $2.50 per person for a meat+side(s). So the quart of Yogurt has a dinner-type price tag for a snack/breakfast. This is why I call it a treat!

I recently discovered Blu-Pom Wheatfuls! They smell divine, and taste awesome. On sale they are between 2.50 and 3.00 per box. However, I can get 2-3 mornings of breakfast out of them for my kids (yes, they eat 1-2 bowls per breakfast). This organic whole grain cereal is a solid favorite in our house. So for a small price tag they get fiber, organic whole grains, and a tiny bit of fruit juice worked into the sugar topping.

So between the non-organic sweet cantaloupes that are $3 each, and the Bananas that are .59 to .79 cents per pound (depends on if I buy organic or not), and the organic cereals on-sale, I have found some reasonably priced, healthy, and low pesticide or preservative-free breakfast options!

If you have some favorites, please share- I am always on the look out for fresh, healthy additions to our meal plans.